Learn the art of woodworking today!

There is nothing more relaxing than working with wood, creating a cabinet, a chair – creating or restoring something. When you work with wood, you shape it, mould it, refine it, and carve it into the image in your head. You basically play god for that instant.

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5rooms.com is a tutorial on woodworking and more particularly on restoration of old or antique furniture. Now, this process in itself is quite elaborate but it is not our sole focus. We hope to help beginners understand the various requirements to wood working and in the process get them started with simple DIY projects.

Beginner’s Guide

New to woodworking now are you? Have you got the right set of tools yet? How about types of wood and finishes – do you know what you want? Before you begin a restoration project there are four major aspects to be aware of and we offer a brief on each wood work basic.

  1. Common Soft Wood Types – Come learn the various kinds of soft woods preferred by restoration experts. Learn from only the best.
  2. Common Hard Wood TypesWhen should you use hard wood and what are they? We find out just how hard, hardwood really is.
  3. The Finish Variations – Did you know that you can finish wood with several finishing agents? Depending on what you use, the end result can be glossy, matte or simply natural.
  4. Nails and Upholstery Tacks Hack – Not exactly an important starter requirement but it helps to know just how to use upholstery tacks and nails for beautification with non-wood materials.