Nails And Upholstery Tacks Hack

Nails and upholstery tacks in woodworking serve dual purpose. One they help attach material and padding to furniture and second, they act as decorative accents. A word of advice, limit the use of tacks and nails to indoor use. Iron rusts when exposed to moisture and gradually wears down with time, hence for outdoor furniture, it is best to pay more for stainless steel nails and tacks.

To clean them you only need to rub with a soft cloth. Remember not to use polishing creams or other wood polishing agents as this can rub the finishing off. And finally, be careful with nails and tacks they are sharp!

How To Use Them?

Let’s take a dining room chair. Imagine you are adding tacks and finishing to this chair. First you need to take the seat off, measure it from side to side and front to back. Cut out a piece of material that you will use to cover the surface depending on the previous measurement and leave a few inches to each side. As you pin the material to the wood, remember to hammer in nails every inch or 2.5 centimetres. It does not matter whether you use nails or tacks but always maintain 1 inch between each tack.

As you round out to each corner, snip the excellent fabric or material and finish up by nailing in the final tack.

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